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A Letter from ICEA’s Executive Secretary-General

Dear members of pool-billiard governing bodies,

Hope the letter finds you well.

This is Bolong Zhang, executive secretary-general of the International Chinese Eight-Ball Association(ICEA). It is our great pleasure to write to your association today.

First, please allow me to give you a brief introduction of our association. The ICEA was founded in London in 2012 and was recognized in 2017 by the World Pool-Billiard Association(WPA) as the world’s governing body of Chinese pool. We are now the supporting unit of the JOY CUP World Chinese 8-Ball Masters, the world’s largest professional pool tournament, as well as various other events. As an independent association, we also organize summits that fuels the industry. The Chinese Pool Global Promoters Summit held in Qinhuangdao last year proved to be a huge success.

The mission of the ICEA is to spread the game of Chinese pool globally. Have you considered to be a part of the Chinese pool sensation? Apply for a table, help youngsters, organize tournaments and have your players compete with the world’s best… We sincerely invite you to join in our united family. Together, we can make amazing happen.

To aid your promotion of Chinese pool, ICEA offers state-of-the-art membership support. Utilizing our various development projects, we can find ways to nurture your local market.

Benefits of becoming an ICEA member nation include but are not limited to:
– Serve as a voting member and have discursive power in the association
– Receive wild cards for players to participate in world events of Chinese 8-ball
– Enjoy member benefits such as ICEA Aid, acquiring tables free of charge (visit for more information)
– Invitation to our AGMs and summits and have your flights covered

Don’t hesitate to reply to this email for your inquiries. Should you have intention to cooperate with us in the development of Chinese pool, please fill out form IC-003 and send it back to to apply to be a member country.

Please feel free to write to us for more information.


Bolong Zhang

Executive Secretary-General

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